CSEAP Available in Wake of Recent Shooting Tragedies

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Licensed mental health professionals are available through CSEAP to respond to employees who would like to process the recent violent shootings in Atlanta and Boulder. CSEAP has reserved several time frames throughout this week to be available to employees for brief 30 minute video or phone appointments. Please make an appointment request by clicking here or calling 303-866-4314 (you will leave a voicemail message providing your name and requesting a critical incident appointment time on 3/24, 3/25, or 3/26). 

You will find additional resources related to the current community tragedies and other urgent or mental health needs at the links below: 
Accessible Community Resources
Disaster and Traumatic Events Resources
Asian Pacific Development Center Behavioral Health Clinic
Colorado Crisis Services
General Disaster/Trauma Resources
Disaster Distress Hotline

Our CSEAP team of counselors practices with a lens of cultural awareness including identifying that, given client preferences, there may be other services that are better suited to various needs. We manage these conversations in session and encourage clients/employees to initiate these conversations as they are comfortable. We work with many employees of various backgrounds, cultures, races, and identities. It is our priority to practice with cultural competence which includes a client-centered approach that encourages clients to share how we may tailor the counseling experience to best fit their needs. If you are experiencing unique difficulties associated with recent tragedies, we welcome and encourage you to share this with your counselor.