Clinical Records Requests

With appropriate permission, CSEAP can provide your clinical record to you. If you are a current or previous counseling client of CSEAP and would like to request your record(s), please call 303-866-4314. We care about and protect your privacy and confidentiality. Read our Privacy Notice for additional information.

Verification of Attendance

CSEAP can provide you with a completed Verification of Attendance form at the conclusion of one or a set of several counseling sessions. You may request this verification during your counseling session or following your session(s) with a counselor. This type of verification may be helpful to you if you are granted administrative leave to attend a CSEAP session, or when leave is not required but a supervisor/other leader is requesting verification that you are attending an approved activity/appointment. It is the responsibility of the client to provide verification information to their supervisor, manager, or other leader (CSEAP does not provide this information on behalf of the employee). 

Special Note regarding Professional Coaching

Professional coaching sessions are professional development and NOT a clinical counseling service. However, if you have been mandated to attend professional coaching, we will provide a Verification of Attendance form - upon request - so that you can provide this verification to your employer. It is the responsibility of the coachee (employee receiving coaching services) to provide verification information to their supervisor, manager, or other leader.

Record Retention

CSEAP counseling records are destroyed at or after 10 years. If you worked with a CSEAP counselor 10 or more years ago, we no longer have your counseling record(s).

Release of Information and Verification of Identity

Per HIPAA regulations, CSEAP must acquire the appropriate release (CSEAP Release of Information form) from you and also verify your identity prior to releasing your record to you. You can expedite this process by ensuring that you always provide accurate information to us at the beginning of, and throughout, your clinical work with us. Please make sure you are providing an accurate physical mailing address to us upon your intake, please update this information with our Intake Coordinator if it changes while you are receiving counseling from CSEAP.

What to Expect when Requesting Your Record

If you request your record, please expect the following -

  • Clients requesting their record must provide a current state-issued photo ID during the record request process.
  • We must have an appropriately completed and signed CSEAP Release of Information form from all parties to a clinical case, when a couple or family have received services, all counseling participants must provide appropriate permission to release the record.

Requests for records require up to 4 weeks depending on the request. While we try to process these requests as soon as they are received, the completion of this request can be extended or delayed by -

  • Our lack of ability to contact (see Our Contact with You ... below) you in order to gather and provide critical information,
  • Number of records you are requesting (in the event that you've received multiple occurrences of counseling with one or multiple counselors),
  • Discrepancies in address(es) provided or in other identifying information.

Retrieval/Delivery of Your Record

Your record can be retrieved or delivered in one of the following ways -

  • You may pick up your record(s) at our Denver office (1525 Sherman Street, Denver, 80203) once the process is complete (a CSEAP staff member will notify you when the record is ready and available for pick-up).
  • We are able to send your record via certified mail - to the verified address that we have on file for you - if it is a hardship for you to pick-up your record.
  • We can send a record, in some circumstances, to a fax number if there is a live (and appropriate) recipient at the receiving fax number who is able to immediately confirm receipt of the faxed documents.
  • NOTE - During pandemic and time frames of physical distancing, CSEAP will release records via DocuSign. DocuSign may be the only means of records release during time frames of physical distancing.

Retrieval/Delivery Limitations

We are UNABLE to send records to P.O. Boxes.

We are unable to accommodate same-day record requests or walk-in record requests due to our ethical and clinical responsibilities to review the record prior to releasing it to you. Again, the record release process may require up to 4 weeks to complete.

Our Contact with You Regarding Your Record(s) Request

Your counselor (or a CSEAP manager or the CSEAP Director) will typically contact you to discuss your record request. Your counselor will encourage you to consider the potential risks of releasing your health-related information to other parties.

Your Record for Certifications and Legal Matters

Because we are a short-term model and are an internal provider of EAP counseling services, there are likely limitations to how your record may be useful to you or another provider. CSEAP does not provide diagnosis in the purview of our work with counseling clients. In addition, we avoid conflicts of interest that could arise due to our status as a state program and state employees. Therefore, while you may request your record and provide it to other parties/agencies, CSEAP records are not designed or intended to provide certification for disabilities, workers' compensation claims, or Family and Medical Leave requests. Please see your medical doctor or other healthcare provider for these types of requests or certifications.

In addition, CSEAP records are not written or intended to provide information that assists with civil or criminal court cases. CSEAP will encourage you to request your record and review on your own prior to revealing your protected health information to attorneys or other parties in civil or criminal matters.

As a general rule, CSEAP staff do not serve as 'expert witnesses' in court cases. In order to protect confidentiality and the integrity of the client-counselor relationship, CSEAP will generally seek to avoid testifying in proceedings involving current or past clients. While rare, CSEAP works with the Office of the Attorney General to respond to subpoena requests or formal investigations.

Finally, while CSEAP understands the value of animals in our lives, we do not provide prescriptions, letters of support, or certifications related to emotional support animals, comfort animals, or service animals. For more information on animal helpers, visit ADA.org.

For more information about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and your rights related to your health information, visit HHS.gov.