Work Group Facilitation


CSEAP offers Work Group Facilitation to state agency teams working through conflict, strained communication, and/or organizational change(s). This service is always consultative, not directive, and implemented at the discretion of the requesting departmental leadership. The goal of team facilitation is to support leaders, managers, and supervisors in encouraging more productive team behaviors and communication. While this service is offered to departments free-of-charge, costs related to travel may be incurred by the requesting agency when a CSEAP facilitator is travelling outside of their general service area to provide facilitation.

Facilitation typically includes:

  • Multiple consultations with involved leaders to determine appropriateness of facilitation and other strategies,
  • Assessment of organizational climate and team tensions followed by guided group discussions,
  • Feedback and coaching to involved leaders focused on reducing tension and addressing counterproductive workplace behaviors,
  • Information or referrals to improve team skill associated with conflict and/or communication,
  • Discussion of team strategies to manage difficult situations in the future.
Infographic describing Work Group Facilitation

Are you interested in Work Group Facilitation for your Team? Here's what you need to know:

Work Group Facilitation can be helpful when:

  • You notice unproductive behaviors associated with team conflict.
  • You believe that open dialogue could improve team functioning and productivity.
  • Your department is experiencing reorganization or transition that impacts many team members.

Here is how the Work Group Facilitation process works:

Call CSEAP at 1-800-821-8154. Request a consultation with Jeremiah Dahlen to discuss Work Group Facilitation. You'll discuss your perspective of team dynamics, strengths, and challenges.

If facilitation is identified as appropriate, your team will be surveyed to assess team dynamics, existing conflict or tension, communication within the team. Survey responses are summarized and discussed with agency leader(s) and/or team manager(s) via phone or video consultation. Multiple facilitation sessions will be scheduled with your team to review their survey feedback, gather additional insight, and facilitate dialogue focused on productive steps in moving forward as a team. Ask about customized facilitation to meet your unique team needs.

Do you have questions or are you ready to get started? Call CSEAP @ 1-800-821-8154.

 If you have questions regarding facilitation for your team, please contact janeen.hallerabernethy@state.co.us or choose a 30-minute consultation time at https://calendar.app.google/P4hN4nnVbyEwFaaG6. 


Downloadable and printable infographic about Work Group Facilitation.

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