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General CSEAP Presentations

CSEAP offers organizational and personal wellness presentations to state agencies, departments, and units or teams. These trainings are typically 30 minutes to 2 hours in length and can be provided on-site in your setting. The list below highlights our most commonly requested on-site presentations. Due to our presentation and clinical schedules, CSEAP typically requires at least 6 to 8 weeks notice in order to provide a presentation at your site. Call CSEAP at 1-800-821-8154 to schedule a consultation with Jeremiah Dahlen to discuss your presentation request.

CSEAP can offer all topics listed below, as well as our webinar topics, via exclusive LIVE webinar for your team. 

Introduction to CSEAP

Learn about counseling, consultation, coaching, mediation and training services available free-of-charge to all state employees. This program can be offered via webinar or at your site (dependent on presenter availability in your area).

Supervisor Introduction to CSEAP

Find out how CSEAP supports managers and supervisors. You'll receive information on consultation, coaching, and the PFFD process. This presentation can also include a Q&A segment on managing difficult workplace behaviors. This program is available via webinar only. 

Understanding Conflict Modes

What's your default conflict style? The conflict styles of team members can influence how individuals and the team interact through workplace conflict and change. Learn strategies for managing conflict and improving workplace communication. Cost may be associated with this training when Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Inventory is used with the group.

Managing Conflict with Effective Communication

Apply mediation and negotiation strategies to address, manage, and transform workplace conflict. Learn strategies for assessing, understanding, and communicating through conflict in workplace relationships. Content and/or focus of this presentation may vary based on assigned presenter. 

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Coaching

This presentation provides supervisors/leaders with information on Goleman's model of Emotional Intelligence and the CSEAP EI Coaching Program. 

Workplace Response to Trauma and Loss

Typically requested following a critical event impacting the workplace, this presentation includes practical information on trauma, loss, and grief and related effect on individuals and the work setting. 

Workplace Respect and Professionalism

Identify how professionalism and communication can influence how you set, maintain, and respect workplace boundaries. Overviews of harassment, hostility, and workplace toxicity will be provided. In addition, CSEAP staff will present accepted standards of professionalism and strategies for maintaining a respectful work culture with effective workplace communication. 

Stress, Wellness & Resiliency

Learn about stress and how it can compound leading to more serious concerns. We'll review strategies for improving wellness and increasing resiliency in an effort to manage stress. This presentation can be customized to include information on secondary trauma in the workplace.