Manager and Supervisor Consultation

CSEAP provides consultation to agency leaders, managers and supervisors related to employee performance and behavior, workplace conflict, threat assessment, substance use impacting the workplace, and many other issues. During a 30-minute telephone consultation, we'll discuss your interests or concerns, make referrals or recommendations as needed, and discuss ways that CSEAP can serve you and your employee(s).

Infographic about manager and supervisor consultation

Do you have questions related to managing staff or difficult employee situations?

CSEAP provides consultation to agency leaders, managers, and supervisors on the following topics and many more:

  • Employee behavior
  • Performance concerns
  • Workplace conflict
  • Threat assessment
  • Reasonable suspicion or substance use impacting the workplace
  • Death of a colleague or co-worker or other death or trauma impacting the workplace
  • Concerns about employee personal life impacting their work or the workplace
  • General concerns about an employee

Request a 30 minute phone consultation with an EAP Specialist by calling 1-800-821-8154.

Call 303-866-4314 or 800-821-8154 to schedule a consultation.

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Downloadable and printable infographic about Manager and Supervisor Consultation.

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