Mediation for State Employees

Mediation provides an opportunity for state employees to discuss workplace disputes with a focus on identifying strategies to achieve a more productive working relationship. In addition, 

  • CSEAP mediation is free-of-charge,
  • CSEAP mediators are neutral and meet a minimum training standard of 40 hours,
  • Content of mediation sessions is confidential,
  • Mediation is always voluntary,
  • CSEAP offers facilitative and transformative mediation,
  • Mediation is available in-person in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Grand Junction. Upon request and at the requesting agency's expense, mediators may travel to other areas within Colorado to provide mediation. Mediation can also be provided through live video conference. 
Infographic titled interested in mediation

Interested in Mediation? Here is how it works.

Steps to request CSEAP mediation services:



Schedule a consultation with our SEMP Program Lead, Jeff Evans. Information will be gathered about the situation and mediating parties.

Complete pre-mediation.

Once involved parties are identified, we'll schedule private pre-mediation interviews with each individual party. If the situation is deemed 'mediable', CSEAP will initiate scheduling of mediation sessions.

Attend mediation sessions.

Mediation sessions take place at CSEAP locations or, when critical, at a neutral location in your setting. Travel costs may be incurred by the requesting agency. Mediation sessions are typically scheduled in 3-hour blocks of time.

Aim for agreement.

Mediation is a non-binding process in which we aim for agreement or understanding on areas of concern. CSEAP mediators can assist parties in developing a written agreement if desired.

Return as needed.

Initially, plan to schedule at least two 3-hour mediation sessions. Beyond these sessions, parties may return to "check-in" and discuss progress or additional concerns.

Questions? Call CSEAP at 1-800-821-8154





View a downloadable and printable infographic about Mediation.

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