CSEAP Pop-Up Clinics Planned for Pueblo, Steamboat, and Buena Vista!

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CSEAP will host pop-up clinics during the summer months in order to increase access to in-person counseling services for our state employees living and working in rural or underserved areas of the state. In-person counseling opportunities are planned for the following locations: 

  • Pueblo, Colorado - June 26 and June 27, July 11 and July 12
  • Steamboat Springs, Colorado - July 12 and July 13
  • Buena Vista, Colorado - July 20 and July 21

Pop-up clinics are designed to provide ‘single-session’ therapy - an evidence-informed practice of engaging in 1 session of mental health counseling in order to provide solution-focused support, education, and participant relief. When employees attend a pop-up clinic ‘single-session’, they will have the option to continue working with their ‘pop-up’ or other CSEAP provider by scheduling a follow-up video visit. However, participants may find it just as helpful to engage with their ‘pop-up’ provider ‘as needed’ in the future by video or in-person when that (or another) provider returns to the ‘pop-up’ location. And, as the term indicates, participants may find their ‘single session’ to be all that is needed for the foreseeable future. To schedule an in-person counseling appointment at one of the pop-up locations listed above, please call 303-866-4314 or use our Pop-Up Clinic Appointment Request Form. Once your appointment is scheduled, our Intake team will provide location details for your pop-up clinic appointment.

Questions? Contact janeen.hallerabernethy@state.co.us.