We Need YOU - Even If YOU Don't Need Us! Join Our Research Study.

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CSEAP is in need of control group participants for a study of the impact of clinical EAP services on absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace. In particular, we need your participation if you anticipate NOT using our services in the coming months or year. We currently have the participation of 700 state workforce members but we need an additional 300 participants. 

Please complete this survey to participate. You will only complete the survey once and then your participation is complete! The survey requires up to 15 minutes of your time. We anticipate the results of the study being published in peer-reviewed articles associated with the impact of workplace mental health and other employer-provider clinical support services. 

You must be employed by the State of Colorado to participate. Participants are registered for one of several gift cards for their participation. 

Colorado Employee Survey Link

Thanks in advance for your time and contribution to this important study!