CSEAP Supports State of Colorado Employees

The Colorado State Employee Assistance Program is a free resource to all state employees. Call 303-866-4314 or complete our on-line form to request mental health counseling, leader consultation, critical incident response, mediation, or webinar and facilitation services.  Photo credit:  Sam Dellaporta



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Before May ends, we'd like to introduce you to one of our amazing counselors.
CSEAP is excited to announce its Summer 2024 Webinar lineup! CSEAP hosts webinars on specialized topics and works with partner vendors and providers to offer information to support your well-being. 
This month, we'd like to spotlight one of our amazing counselors.Nhia Cheng, LPC, Staff Supervisor

DPA Training Opportunities for State Employees

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What if I need urgent help now? 

When you call CSEAP, you can choose an option - on our outgoing voicemail message options list - to talk with a counselor right away. Please choose this option if you need to speak with someone immediately. There's no need to assess the level of importance of your situation; if you feel you are in crisis OR feel like it would be beneficial to receive support immediately, please choose this option. This option is available to state employees 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. 

Will CSEAP pay for a therapist of my choice?

The CSEAP program is staffed with licensed therapists. CSEAP schedules you with one of our employed therapists for counseling services. If you have a therapist that you enjoy working with, please inquire with your health insurance provider (Cigna, Kaiser, Anthem, etc.) regarding whether your therapist qualifies for reimbursement and to find out which therapists are part of their network. 

Can I give my sessions to a family member or partner? 

Per state statute, CSEAP is able to serve state employees. With the understanding that the most beneficial way to support employees may be to include family members or someone with which they are in a close or intimate relationship, CSEAP is able to include such parties in family or individual counseling sessions. State employees have access to CSEAP individual counseling, family counseling, or couple sessions. If choosing family or couple services, the state employee must be an active recipient of these services as well.  

Can I pay for additional CSEAP sessions? 

CSEAP does not accept payment for counseling services. If we are reaching the close (8th session) of our relationship with you, we'll work with you to identify other supportive resources. At their discretion, your counselor may also extend an additional session following your 8th session. In addition, if you have an urgent need for a single session prior to your rolling year renewing, please call our intake office - we'll work to schedule you with an available counselor. Upon the renewal of your rolling year, you may and request a previous CSEAP counselor as desired. Please note that some counselors may not be accepting new or returning counseling clients - this is largely determined by workload and caseloads. Many studies support the efficacy of brief short-term psychotherapy; please talk with your CSEAP counselor if you have questions, concerns, or are seeking referrals for longer term therapy. 

Are there other resources I can contact now for support? 

Response to mental health concerns for all Coloradans

  • Call 1-844-493-8255 or text TALK to 38255

Various low-cost and/or culturally-responsive community resources

Financial Education and Counseling for State Employees
  • 1-877-849-6034
Free local COVID-19 Crisis Counseling Grief Counseling for State Employees
  • 1-877-849-6034
Real Help Hotline for all University of Colorado Employees
  • 1-833-533-2428
Referrals for food, transportation, child care, caregiving, housing Disaster Distress Helpline for all Coloradans
  • 1-800-985-5990